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Image by Federico Bottos


CSFEP is an evidence-based, action-oriented collaborative of EIT Climate-KIC, Axum, and Dalberg Catalyst, who is the fiscal sponsor for the program. Good Energies Foundation has generously provided seed funding for the program. Key partners include Galina Churkina, Michigan State University, Bauhaus Earth, Arup, World Economic Forum and World Resources Institute.

Our team includes:

  • Core team members (that are hired directly in program)

  • Seconded staff from our partner organizations (for example, from EIT Climate-KIC or Axum)

  • Steering Committee members and Advisors, sourced from multiple different organizations and may have varying levels of involvement (for example, Daniel Zimmer is on our Steering Committee, but also leads our 3S Analysis workstream and is actively involved in delivering the program on a daily basis)

Our Team and Leadership

Daniel Zimmer

CSFEP: Steering Committee; Co-Founder; 3S Lead

Climate-KIC: Sustainable Land Use

Katie Baldassar

CSFEP: Partnerships Director

Devang Vussonji

CSFEP: Steering Committee

Axum: Founding Partner

Robyn van den Heuvel

CSFEP: Program Director

Mokena Makeka

CSFEP: Steering Committee

Cooper Union: Special Advisor

Charlotte Baylis

CSFEP: Program Associate

Jamie Lawrence

CSFEP: Steering Committee; Co-Founder

Xilva: Co-Founder

Tena Petrovic

CSFEP: Network and 3S Coordinator

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