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CSFEP: Steering Committee; Co-Founder; 3S Lead

CSFEP: Steering Committee; Co-Founder; 3S Lead

Daniel Zimmer

CSFEP: Steering Committee; Co-Founder; 3S Lead

Climate-KIC: Sustainable Land Use

Dr Daniel Zimmer has played a key role in the instigation of the original vision, was catalytic in the ideation,  approach and tools as well as instrumental in the establishment of the CSFEP and its ongoing success.

Daniel has an engineering and hydrology background and is leading the Sustainable Land Use theme at Climate-KIC. In this position, he developed a portfolio of innovation projects aiming to accelerate the systemic transformation of land use and food supply chains in response to climate change in both mitigation and adaptation areas. He gained an in-depth and broad experience of land management issues and potential solutions.

Before Climate-KIC, he worked in development aid in Africa and as a researcher on water engineering. He was the Director of the World Water Council, where he developed a global experience on water-related issues spanning from research and engineering to finance and geopolitics. He connected science, policy and water experts in multistakeholder processes aiming to address the current water crisis and implemented high-level panels and political processes on adaptation.

He has also managed research teams in the environment sector and developed expertise on the environmental impacts of land use. He holds an Engineering

Degree from AgroParisTech and PhD in Hydrology from Sorbonne University.

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