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CSFEP does its transformative work by:

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Providing Tools and Knowledge that Shift Thoughts and Actions

Published learnings from breakthrough initiatives share lessons from a diverse portfolio of global projects

The Safeguards Tool helps builders and foresters test for unintended negative consequences in a project - and makes improvements

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Growing Connections and Grassroots Power for a Movement

The 3S Framework connects climate smart forest economy innovators and decision makers

Value Chain Alliances convene local stakeholders to problem solve challenges in regional value chains

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Influencing the Influencers; Shifting Policies, Practices, and Resources

Advocacy and Toolkits encourage governments to enable climate smart forest economies

Research and Targeted Action attract the private finance needed to transform markets

Learn more about our work here:

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A Scoping Dialogue on Climate Positive Forest Products

The Forests Dialogue (TFD) convened a virtual scoping dialogue on Climate Positive Forest Products (CPFP) on April 26th, 29th, and May 3rd, 2021. Using mass timber building materials as an entry point, the Initiative aims to build understanding and agreement amongst stakeholders around the opportunities, challenges, and knowledge gaps related to utilizing forest products as a climate change mitigation tool.

Learn more here.

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