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Podcast: Developing Europe's first 'Forest-to-City' value chain with Tena Petrovic

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Republished, with permission, from Climate-KIC. Read the original version here:

The first series of EIT Climate-KIC podcast How Could We? focuses on land use, sustainable forestry and the dilemma of using trees for timber.

In this third episode, we interviewed Tena Petrovic, an urban specialist working with EIT Climate-KIC as a Breakthrough Initiative Developer on the Climate Smart Forest Economy Programme. Tena introduces us to the Bauhuette 4.0 project, which aims to use home-grown timber from regional Brandenburg and Berlin forests to supply construction materials to create affordable housing from wood

Tena talked about the importance of bringing together different stakeholders on a project like this, the challenges of forest mismanagement and how long-term planning will lead to Bauhuette 4.0’s success – and eventual replication.

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This episode was produced by Bárbara Mendes-Jorge.


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