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We can build a
climate smart future

where forests and forest products deliver their maximum
benefits to climate, biodiversity, and prosperity.


To solve the converging crises of today, we must transform forests, cities, and the relationship between them. 

Today, crises in forests and cities
are treated as two
 separate issues.

Forest Path

Forests are a lifeline to ecological health and the well-being of communities worldwide – but their ability to continue providing these benefits is eroding.

Growing populations, rapid urbanization, and poverty levels are contributing to a rise in deforestation and forest degradation.


The world’s urban population will double by 2050, necessitating the construction of an urban environment the size of Paris every week from now until 2050.

The built environment produces 40% of CO2 emissions, making this a 
climate emergency.

The solution to both crises is one holistic system: 
a Climate Smart Forest Economy.

Sustainably managed forests

Carbon-storing buildings

Our Initiatives

We partner with multi-stakeholder communities to understand the broader challenges and opportunities in climate-smart forestry. Our transformative work includes the initiatives below.

For website _ Bhutan.jpeg

Sustainable timber construction in the world's first carbon-negative country


To build this system effectively, we:

Ensure our work is carbon positive - Using a 3S Framework to maximize the carbon in the value chain

Ensure our work is climate smart - using Safeguards to minimize unintended climate, ecological and social harm

Connect and scale learnings - constructing Value Chain Alliances of actors across the value chain


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