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Imagining a Climate Smart Forest Future

A world where forests and their forest products are sustainably maximized for enhanced climate, social, and ecological benefit

Forests are a lifeline to ecological health and the well-being of communities worldwide – but their ability to continue providing these benefits is eroding. Growing populations, rapid urbanization, and poverty levels are contributing to a rise in deforestation

Our vision is to sustainably and responsibly unlock the full climate potential of forests and forest products by building a Climate Smart Forest Economy.  We believe  sustainably maximizing the carbon Sink, Storage, and fossil-carbon Substitution (3S) functions of forests and forest products offers an opportunity to decarbonize sectors that interface with forests through their value chains, providing net climate, while meeting social and ecological safeguards.


Using science-based tools and focused research to quantify carbon benefits and tradeoffs (the 3S Framework), and mitigate any unintended social, ecological, and environmental outcomes (the Safeguards toolkit).

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Identifying and investing in on-the-ground breakthrough initiatives across geographies, sectors, and project types to demonstrate how a climate smart forest economy can be realized and scaled.

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Building trust, sharing learnings, disseminating tools, and removing barriers to incentivize the market towards action, strengthening the enabling environment to support a climate smart forest economy.

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Since 2020, CSFEP has generated diverse, holistic, and scientifically sound knowledge that can be used to develop global blueprints for climate-smart forest value chains and secure the critical benefits that forests provide.

What we do

CSFEP's conservation approach regards human well-being as equally important as environmental objectives. We uphold human rights and provide livelihood opportunities to local and indigenous communities while protecting the environment.

Featured Breakthrough Initiatives

We are partnering with a multi-stakeholder community of climate-smart initiatives to understand the broader challenges and opportunities in climate-smart forestry. Explore some of our breakthrough initiatives below.

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Developing a strategy for a regional forest economy

Glasgow City Region, Scotland

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